Jairo y la niña video viralJairo y la niña video viral

A video showing infidelity began to spread on different social media platforms. Jairo y la Niña Video Viral Jairo Valencia’s wife came across this and decided to get revenge on him by sharing the images online.

The woman shows the camera the faces of two people who were in a van, however, the girl does not like this and she tells her: “Madam, calm down, her husband is the one who is looking for me, don’t think like that.” . to me.” “Please, if you upload this video online, I will report you.”

Jairo’s wife continued recording anyway and responded: “I don’t care. I’m going to report you as a scoundrel.”

Jairo y la niña video viral

She then focused on her husband and, angry with him, and with a broken voice, she told him: “This is how Jairo wanted to find you. I knew that day was going to come. What do you have to tell me?”

The woman became increasingly upset and at one point during the recording she tried to snatch a piece of clothing from the girl. “It looks bad,” she told her, while the young woman covered herself with her pants.

What did Jairus say about Jairo y la niña video viral?

You can Ver el vídeo where the wife confronts Gyro along with a young woman in the van. The woman insists that Jairo come closer and take care of the situation, while the young woman tries to avoid him.

At one point in the recording, the young woman refers to herself as “the girl,” which leads to the name of the video: “Jairo and the Girl.”

They react to the network’s video ‘Jarrow and the Girl’
The video has generated a large number of reactions on social networks, where many users expressed their support for Jairo’s wife and criticized the attitude of infidelity.

Others have pointed out that infidelity is no excuse for violence and have asked that the importance of respect in relationships be considered.

Until now, it is unknown what happened to the Nicaraguan couple after the video was broadcast.

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