Wheel of Fortune Contestant Goes Viral VideoWheel of Fortune Contestant Goes Viral Video

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a Wheel of Fortune Contestant Goes Viral Video the popular American game show, Wheel of Fortune? Well, get ready to meet one contestant who became an overnight sensation thanks to a viral video.

During a recent episode of Wheel of Fortune that was broadcast on Thursday (May 23), a contestant by the name of Tavaris goes viral after making a surprising guess about a well-known phrase.

Tavaris was close to solving the puzzle, but instead of the expected answer, he stunned the other contestants with his unconventional response.

Wheel of Fortune Contestant Viral Video Moment

A contestant on “Wheel of Fortune” gained popular attention on the internet due to his outrageous, X-rated response to a puzzle that left the audience and viewers in stitches. Segments of the phrase, “_ _ _ _ _N T_E _ _ _T!,” were displayed on the board when Tavaris, a contestant, confidently chimed in to solve the puzzle. “Right in the butt?”

Wheel of Fortune Contestant Goes Viral Video

Tavares boldly answered. While the audience was still chuckling, another contestant provided an accurate, G-rated response, which was “This is the best!” Videos of the blunder quickly spread across social media platforms, with one user describing it as “One of the greatest guesses of all time.”

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