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Viral video Luna Bella, an active OnlyFans model, in the Metro. The recent scandal involving a video of a police officer engaging in intimate activities in the Metro has been confirmed by the SSC. Video Agency EL UNIVERSAL.

OnlyFans model, Luna Bella went viral in the Mexican entertainment industry because she recorded a viral video in which she has intimate activities with two men inside Metro in Mexico City The controversial video have sparked a debate on social media.

Viral Video Luna Bella Metro 2024, Original?

Luna Bella personally posted the video of her adult content using her X account. Within a few minutes, the clip went around social media, and sparked a wave of criticism, although there were also comments in favor of the scene.

The Mexican influencer wore a neon yellow sheer outfit, while the men were dressed in a police officer and the other was wearing a black coat.

CDMX Metro representatives expressed outrage, calling the leaked content an improper act and urging users to report any inappropriate behavior at the facilities.

Who is Luna Bella, the OnlyFans Model?

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Verónica Melendes Coronado, better known in the influencer world as Mujer Luna Bella, is a renowned 32-year-old Mexican YouTuber, DJ, and adult content creator.
The influencer has been known for being very open about her se*u*lity, creating content on digital platforms and being an adult film actress.
But her life has not been free of sad moments, since a few years ago she confessed to having suffered se*u*l assault when she was a minor.

CDMX Metro spoke out about the controversial footage involving Luna Bella and an actor.

video de luna bella Content creator and OnlyFans model Luna Bella sparked controversy after she recorded an adult video in the CDMX Metro facilities. CDMX Metro addressed “videos of Luna Bella” and ‘Señor Indomable’ on the train, According to the statement issued by the organization, it emphasized respect for freedom of expression, and rejected the actors’ use of the space for personal gain while filming intimate scenes.

Read What users spoke about Viral Video of Luna Bella Metro

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  1. Es imposible que las instalaciones del metro nunca tengan seguridad, tarados se suben al techo del vagón y se van hasta la siguiente estación y ni los agarraron, ahora se ejerce prostitución en los andenes y vagones y que harán solo sancionar al policía, ni siquiera limpian el piso y quienes viajaron al otro día estar sobre los fluidos de esos degenerados
  2. Ella por ser mujer se puede +turbar en el metro y hacer su show y si es alrrevez un hombre hace eso va a la carcel… por que no le hacen lo mismo? Se supone que la ley aplica para todos los ciudadanos