Las Vegas Alien VideoLas Vegas Alien Video is Original

Despite the passage of time, the The viral alien sighting video continues to captivate audiences, particularly after a Las Vegas family reported an alleged UFO crash in April 2023. Describing encountering 8-to-ten-foot beings with a distinct “Green color,” the family’s account has caught the attention of a seasoned crime scene reconstruction analyst.

This expert suggests that the evidence presented may point towards the existence of these mysterious entities, hinting at the possibility that they are indeed real.

As per the Fox News report on May 28th, Scott Roder, a seasoned expert known for his testimony in high-profile criminal cases, delved into the mystery surrounding the alleged alien sighting in Sin City. With a meticulous eye, Roder analyzed the “Las Vegas Alien Video” frame by frame, attempting to unravel the truth behind the footage showing two elusive “beings” utilizing a peculiar “cloaking device.”

What did people see back then?

According to the American Meteor Society, reports suggest that a green light was observed by at least 21 individuals in eastern California, Arizona, Nevada, and Utah.

According to a report from Fox News, Angel Kenmore dialed 911 to report a sighting of a “tall, slender alien being with a greenish hue.” The being, reportedly 8 to 10 feet tall, was spotted hiding behind a forklift in their backyard.

Las Vegas Alien Video is Original

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After the alleged incident, Kenmore also posted a video on YouTube titled “Encounter with Beings in my Backyard” in 2023. Describing the creature as a “tall, skinny, lengthy” figure, Kenmore detailed its unique features, including unusual feet, a big face with eyes, and a Big mouth.

Expert Opinion on the viral Las Vegas alien video

Upon analyzing the video, Roder observed a mysterious figure in 30 frames, resembling a “head… with smoke around it,” appearing like a “cloaking device” situated at the top right corner, just over the fence.

Applying the same investigative principles as he would to solving a homicide case, Roder meticulously presented evidence supporting the existence of these entities, asserting that they are indeed real and present. This is not a hoax, nor a fabrication.

Teaming up with Extraterrestrial Reality podcast reporter Jim Quirk, Roder set out to replicate the mysterious events that unfolded in a Las Vegas backyard on April 30, 2023.

Kenmore’s video on YouTube captures him and his family members witnessing something strange and reacting strongly by fleeing the scene. However, Roder now implies that amidst the chaos, Kenmore’s family may have overlooked another possible “visual anomaly” peeking over the fence.

Kenmore’s video on YouTube captures

“It may be difficult to see clearly, but the object is there,” he explained. Roder noticed the “creature” moving towards the right-hand corner of the video, although it’s challenging to discern with the naked eye, particularly since the backyard scene is only briefly shown.

However, Roder, having observed the visual during Quirk’s podcast, noted, “I find this video intriguing because it captures a clear reaction from at least Angel and either his uncle or his father in response to something in the background.” He linked the presence of the anomaly to their reactions, stating, “It’s evident that there is movement happening.”

Although several others initially “debunked” the video, implying that the potential alien sighting was merely a hoax, Roder claims otherwise after decoding the video frame by frame for hours.

The incident purportedly commenced with a luminous glow in the sky, caught on camera by a Las Vegas police officer at 11:50 p.m. Roder emphasized the importance of examining “the complete body of evidence” in such cases.

The forensic analyst recognizes that there may still be differing opinions on his findings. He stated, “I am inviting peer review and am open to hearing the perspectives of fellow experts in my field. If I am proven wrong, I am willing to acknowledge it.

Even though he invited peer review, his confidence in his analysis remains unshaken. The lingering mystery of the creatures’ identity continues to intrigue him. “Now we ponder: Who are they? Where do they come from, and what is their purpose?

With various skeptics having shared their opinions on the matter, Roder and Quirk appear to have reignited their investigation and stumbled upon additional evidence. They have indicated that this marks the initial phase of their inquiry, as communicated to Fox News Digital.