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2023 Ferrari 296 GTS – A Proper Guide

Ferrari 296 GTS

2023 Ferrari 296 GTS

2023 Ferrari 296 GTS joins the 296 GTB in completely redefining what it means to have pleasure when driving, ensuring unadulterated feelings both while pushing the car to its limits and when driving on a regular basis. To emphasize the new engine’s historical significance to Maranello, the name of the automobile combines its total displacement (2992 l), number of cylinders, and the initials GTS (Gran Turismo Spider). It not only serves as the 296 GTS‘ live, throbbing heart, but it also ushers in a new V6 era with roots firmly planted in Ferrari’s unrivaled 75-year heritage.

Introducing New Engine

Ferrari 296 GTS

The 296 GTB introduced the new 663 cv 120° V6 engine, which is combined with an electric motor that can provide an additional 122 kW (167 cv) in the Ferrari 296 GTS. This is the first 6-cylinder engine to be fitted to a road-going spider wearing the Prancing Horse logo. It unleashes its class-leading 830 cv total power output to deliver previously unimaginable performance levels and an innovative, exhilarating, and distinctive soundtrack.

Proper Heat Management in Ferrari 296 GTS

Ferrari 296 GTS

The Ferrari 296 GTS enters the mid-engine Berlinetta sports car segment with a number of novel and ground-breaking ideas. As a result of the turbo being installed in a hot-V setup above the vee of the crankcase, the engine bay’s upper center region now contains all of the parts that generate the most heat, allowing for more effective heat management of both the engine bay and the electrical parts.

Aero Options

Ferrari 296 GTS

Aero options that have flipped the active aero paradigm—introduced with the 458 Speciale and later—on its head further emphasize this sharp breaking with the past. On the 296 GTS, an active device is being employed to produce more downforce rather than to control drag. The 296 GTS can produce a significant amount of rear downforce when needed, up to 360 kg at 250 km/h in the high-downforce version with the Assetto Fiorano package, thanks to the LaFerrari-inspired active spoiler built into the rear bumper.

Amazing Performance

Ferrari 296 GTS

The seamless optimization of the vehicle’s volumes led to this excellent performance. The end result is a car with an incredibly sleek, elegant design in which all the performance-oriented components flow naturally with the styling, highlighting the inseparable union of technology and style that is the distinguishing feature of all Ferraris. The 296 GTS’s aerodynamic development work allows it to produce greater downforce than earlier models, even in low-drag configurations. Due to the active spoiler, there is an additional 100 kg of downforce in the high-downforce configuration.

The first Ferrari V6 made its debut in 1957 on the 1500 cc Dino 156 F2 single-seater and had 65° architecture. The 196 S and 296 S front-engined sports prototypes with higher displacement variants, as well as the 246 F1 car that helped Mike Hawthorn win the F1 Drivers’ Championship the same year, were the next vehicles to arrive in 1958.

Ferrari 296 GTS

The plug-in hybrid (PHEV) system of the 296 GTS ensures that it is a very useable vehicle, as well as achieving zero pedal reaction times and a 25km range in all-electric eDrive mode. The vehicle’s small size, unique dynamic control systems, and painstakingly perfected aero assure that the driver will be astounded by its amazing agility and response to orders.

Looks And Design Of 2023 Ferrari 296 GTS

Its dynamic, sinuous shape and incredibly small size visually emphasize its distinctive and contemporary shapes while skillfully making references to vehicles like the 1963 250 LM, the ideal fusion of practicality and simplicity.

Excellent occupant comfort is guaranteed by the RHT (retractable hard top). When the top is folded, the vehicle has a sleek, athletic appearance, and when the roof is raised, the 296 GTB-like profile is still clearly visible. Retraction or deployment of the compact RHT at up to 45 km/h only takes 14 seconds.

Ferrari 296 GTS

Above the B post is where the car’s roof and body officially separate. In order to retain the engine bay’s thermal dissipation properties and the harmony of the overall design, the folding roof separates into two portions that fold flush over the front of the engine.

This also made it possible for the designers to include a glass on the back of the engine cover so that the new V6 could be seen plainly. When the top is lowered, a height-adjustable glass rear screen separates the cabin from the back deck, ensuring the best passenger comfort even at high speeds.

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Similar to the SF90 Stradale, the 296 GTS is also offered with the Assetto Fiorano package, which consists of lightweight components and aerodynamic changes, for customers who wish to maximize the car’s extraordinary power and performance, particularly on the track.

The 296 GTS is the first Ferrari road-going spider to use a plug-in electric motor and a V6 turbo with a vee with a 120° angle between the cylinder banks. The V6’s turbos are housed inside the vee, and it will be unveiled in 2021 on the 296 GTB. This specific architecture helps generate incredibly high levels of power in addition to offering important benefits in terms of packaging, decreasing the center of gravity, and minimizing engine mass.

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